Labib came to our clinic to rehabilitate an already placed dental implants. After a proper study of the case, we noticed a significant loss of tooth structure leading to a decrease in the size of the lower facial third. The treatment plan was, first of all, to perform an aesthetic dental mock up with the ideal shape and size of the teeth. With these parameters and after a provisionalization phase, injected composite veneers were made in the anterior area. In a second phase, the posterior sectors were rehabilitated by metal-ceramic crowns on implants, and finally, an occlusal splint for nights was designed to prevent rapid wear of restorations.

INITIAL SITUATIONL: Severe dental wear due to bruxism. Dental implants already placed in premolars and molars area.
Wax diagnosis and aesthetic mock up
Injected composite veneers
Crowns on metal-ceramic implant
Michigan type occlusal splint